You can visit us at [email protected] and talk to anyone with +o or higher if you are interested into applying for any of the positions below:

Translator  [TL]– We always need more translators and there is no experience requirement for this position as long as you can translate Japanese into English.

Translation Checkers [TLC]– Experience is essential for this position as you have to catch any errors the translator may have made. Thus, having a solid and extensive knowledge in both English and Japanese is paramount.

Editor-  Oh dear, this position is where many fansub groups have trouble finding the right people. We need a native English speaker or a speaker with a native level of fluency, so we expect you to have a good level of understanding in regards to spelling, grammar, and the usage of idioms/natural sounding speech.  Furthermore, you will find that a large part of your job as editor will be rephrasing and rewording “bad” English lines [Engrish] into good/natural English. Finally, we prefer that you’re familiar with IRC. Basically everyone on our staff uses IRC and is our primary communication medium. As such, we’ll require you, if you don’t use it already, to learn and use IRC. The primary reason behind this being that we need a quick communication medium with you for when the script is ready for you to work on.

Timer– This position is for the newbies who want to join the fansub community. It’s one of the easiest jobs to do so if you are new to fansubbing, you might want to apply for the timer position. You also will need to install the Aegisub suite.(It’s free!)

Typsetter [TS]– We are looking for experienced typsetters who use  Aegisub as their primary typesetting medium. However, we can use After Effect [AFX] typsetting, too. You’re expected to know how to use all the basic movement tricks(Motion Tracking), typeset frame by frame(Old School), and use clip & time functions(Typesetting 102). Believe me. typsetting is one of the most painstaking tasks and consumes a lot of time and effort. You’ll need dedication for this one.

Quality Checker – For this position you will need to spot any spelling, grammatical, and timing errors.  Check for consistency issues such as: character names, honorifics, and key terms.(eg, Mage vs Magician vs Spellcaster vs Wizard in a magic-themed show) Another thing you’ll have to do is fix any weird(unnatural) or stiff lines that the editor couldn’t fix, so you will have to have a good understanding of English for this position.

Encoder – Knowing how encode from transport steams [.ts] is essential. You have to know how to use AviSynth, and exe264. You can use megui or any other Gui encoding suite as long as you know what you are doing.

73 thoughts on “Recruitment

  1. Hello. I would like to inquire about a position as editor. At this point in time, I do not use, or really know much about IRC, but I am fully willing and able to learn if someone is willing to teach me. I am fluent in English, as it is my first language, and I’ve been considering joining a fansub group for some time, because I do enjoy seeing nice, non-awkward subtitles, as I’m sure many others do.

    • Hi there,
      Well the first step is to get in touch with us through the irc, grab this client
      It’s add-on for Firefox, once you have installed it, try connecting to [email protected]
      And once you have connected, try message me by double clicking on my nickname [Layton]… I will fill you in on the rest of things that you will need to do the editing.

  2. Hello ! If you need a timer for Hakkenden, I am available on weekends. I have a good mastery of time sound, time action and time plan. I have a good fansub experimentation. I don’t control English at 100% but I manage. Hoping that you will accept me.

  3. Hi,

    I’d like to apply for either the quality checker or editor position. I am fluent in English and have an excellent grasp of grammar. I’ve used IRC before although I’m not completely familiar with it; however, I am willing to learn. I’m available most nights so contact shouldn’t be a problem either.


    • You should visit our IRC channel [email protected] and msg anyone that has +o status or higher with your request (msg Layton if possible).

    • You should visit our IRC Channel at [email protected] and msg anyone that has a +o status or higher with your request (preferably msg Layton). Also, you may have to take a test depending on the position.

  4. If the position for quality checker is still open, I’d be very much interested. I would certainly love to have a few details beforehand to ascertain what is required, if possible.

  5. Are you still hiring editor? I’m a mix of Japanese and Singaporean so I’m native in both Japanese and English. I’ve also studied in England for a couple of years so I do have a good sense of their “natural sounding speech” as you call it.

    I have attached the URL to my facebook page so do have a look if you are, even an inch, interested in hiring me.

  6. Hello, I’m a newbie hoping to join the fansub community. I’m very interested in applying for the timer position, and I can work in any project required. If you’re still hiring, please consider me.

  7. hello! do you guys need any editors or quality checkers right now?
    I believe I have the level of fluency you guys are asking for…
    please let me know if you need any! thank you!

    • I assume that we could use some help in at least one of those positions so just hop onto our IRC channel [email protected] and msg Layton with your request. If you need any help, feel free to ask.

    • Okay, to apply, just hop onto our irc channel [email protected] and msg Layton with your request. If you need help with irc, feel free to leave a comment below.

  8. I can edit if you guys want, I have a very good grasp on the English language so I am sure I can help out with that.

  9. Hi i would like to be part of your team i am very good at timing and good at karaoke so if you guys need my help please do text me back if not then please say so and if you guys need a like a back up timer then i can help you out to

    have a nice weekend

  10. Is there still a need for translators? I am fluent in both English and Japanese and currently work as a freelance translator for a company in Japan (from the U.S.). However, I would love to get in to translating material that I have interest in such as this.

    If you still have a need for translators let me know or send me an email.

    Thank you,

  11. Hey, I’d like to know what shows you guys going to {plan on} work{ing} on next season. It’d be great so that I’d know whether I can offer help with that{those} show{s}.

    • For now kamisama hajimemashita season 2 and Ronja will be ongoing since it is 2 cours. And we will see if we pick more shows once the shows start airing.

  12. Hi! I have the Mibbit IRC, and would be interested in contacting someone for applying to the TLC and/or Editor positions. I have extensive experience teaching and translating Japanese, and am JLPT certified. Please let me know if you’re still recruiting!

  13. Hello,

    I am interested in working for anime-koi.
    I feel as though I have a good balance of Japanese as well as English to be of use as an Editor.
    Please let me know if you are recruiting!


  14. Are you in need of an editor? I’d love to help! I am familiar with IRC (though I don’t currently use it) and am a native English speaker. As a high school senior, I excel in grammar and scored a perfect ACT English score. It bothers me when anime subtitles are not proper English. I can assure you my work will be of high quality.

    • Not really.
      But there are other groups who would require a QC.
      You can join our IRC channel and msg any staff there who might be able to help you (or you can msg me on IRC).

    • We’re pretty much on hiatus.
      But there are many other groups looking for one.
      Pm me on IRC and I might be able to hook you up with one

  15. Hi, can I be a part of your team? I have honestly zero experience in fansubbing, but I have had projects from my college days which it involved subtitles and stuff. But I am a big anime fan, I know it’s not a surprise because most of us here are one.
    I am really interested in the job because it’s going to help me study and upgrade my Japanese listening skill. I am currently studying Japanese trying to ace JLPT N4 because I’m going to work in Japan for 1 year this coming August 2016. So while I am studying Japanese, I figured that I could find a work where I could develop my language skill and earn at the same time.

    I really hope I could become a “Timer” 🙂 .

  16. Hi, I would like to apply for editor if you’re still recruiting. I’m a TESL student so I sure that this job will be well suited for me. Though I’m still new to IRC.

  17. Would you consider hiring a translator & editor team? One is a native Japanese speaker with a high level of English and the other is vice versa.

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