Active Staff:

Layton: Founder, Timer, K-Timer, Typesetter, Encoder, Website Admin, Releasing, Project Leader

Jacques: Encoder

Minami: Editor

Dao: Timer/K-Timer

Edward_Bebop: XDCC Distro

Denpa: XDCC Distro, Akihosenomiya DDL

Emely: Translator

HayateRocks: Translator, Translation Checker

Kayo: Translator, Translation Checker

Nelico: Translator, Translation Checker (New!!!)

Shark0Week0: Translator, Translation Checker

BlehKohl: Translation Checker

OblivionShadow: Editor, Quality Checker, Website Admin, Website General Q&A

HiroiSekai: Editor, Website Admin, Website Design

Padlockcode: Editor (New!!!!)

Neurotic: Editor

Tetrus: Editor

IamMostWanted: Timer

Yogicat: Timer, K-Timer, DDL links (Ulož), Website Moderator

Chhotu_Uttam: Typesetter, Website Moderator

Govna: Typesetter (New!!!)

v3nk0y: Typesetter, Website Moderator

Unit_Zero_Fun: Encoder

Chewi: Quality Checker, Resident Pun Master

Klownzie: Quality Checker, Website Moderator

SigmaStar: Quality Checker

Slixxrick: Quality Checker (New!!!)

Inactive Staff:

Shiro: Translator, Translation Checker

Gen424: Translation Checker

George105948: Editor

Osage: Editor

Shirt: Editor

HentaiMeido: Quality Checker

Eternal: Quality Checker

6 thoughts on “Staff

  1. here I’m to says that from the first I found this fansubs I love ur works and pick ups the interesting and comical anime…I want to know do you consider to pick up anime nanatsu no taizai…from manga I read this one action anime must watch beside fairy tail…I don’t know how to describe in words this anime, considering this request from me to pick ups this anime…it’s not like other fansubs not doing this anime but I more like ur fansubs than the other fansubs…hopefully got good reply but if it’s not I understand for that…:)

    • It’s unlikely that we will be picking up any additional shows. For most of our shows, we put together a team several weeks in advance of the new season and playing catch up with a show does put extra strain on the staff. As of right now, I believe only Chyuu is subbing that show which should be alright in terms of quality.

      • I see…thanks for reply my message…and thanks also for recommend Chyuu fansubs…keep up ur works we’ll waiting for more surprise…

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