What shows are you subbing?
We usually announce which shows we are subbing several weeks before the season starts.

I found a typo/translation error in your release, how can I report the error?
You can report an error by either leaving a comment in the release post or by contacting us directly via IRC ([email protected]).  When reporting an error, it is encouraged that you leave a description of the error, at what time the error occurs, and what software you are using to play the release.

The first episode of a show aired 1-2 days ago, did you drop it?
The first episode of a show often takes slightly longer than normal with three main reasons being the translation, editing, and KFX of the OP/ED and the typesetting of the title.

The karaoke in the OP/ED lags or blinks.
Certain video players such as VLC are sometimes prone to drop frames or lag on the OP/ED.  We recommend using the latest version of CCCP using the latest build of xy-VSFilter.

I tried using the Akihosenomiya DDL however the download stops at 124MB.
There is a known issue with the Akihosenomiya DDL where it stops a download at 124MB.  This only occurs when using the “save link as…” option and does not occur when using a download manager (Recommend using DownThemAll!).

What is your simulcast policy?
We don’t have a simulcast policy and we will sub shows even if they’re being simulcasted.

Will you release a BD version or Batch your releases?
We will only create BD versions and Batch our releases if we have enough staff and time to do it.

I tried posting a comment a day ago and it still hasn’t been approved.
Comments that aren’t constructive or are offensive will not be approved.  If your comment got automatically marked as spam, there’s a good chance we accidentally deleted it due to the large volume of spam comments we receive daily.

What IRC clients can download files using xdcc?
Standalone IRC clients such as Hexchat and Mirc can download using xdcc as well as some browser plugins such as Chatzilla.

I tried using your xdcc bots to download your releases but it doesn’t work.
If an episode has just been released, it may take some time before the bots and triggers are updated.  Also, most browser based IRC clients like Mibbit (IRC Page) do not support xdcc transfers (doesn’t necessarily apply to browser plugins like Chatzilla).

Will you provide standalone .ass subtitle files for your releases?
We usually do not release our subtitles in a standalone .ass file however you may be able to get it if you ask for it on our IRC channel.

Will you provide 480p hardsubbed versions of your releases?
No, we currently only release in 720p and/or 1080p resolutions however we are planning to provide 480p versions of our releases sometime in the near future.

I’m interested in joining Anime-Koi, how can I apply?
Detailed information regarding recruitment and joining can be found on our recruitment page.  Depending on the position, you may have to take a test first which may take several hours to complete.

I’m interested in doing a joint project with Anime-Koi, who should I contact?
For information and approval of joint projects, head over to our IRC channel and message Layton with your request.

What should I use to view/play your releases?
We recommend using MPC/CCCP with the latest version of xy-VSFilter installed however any player with .mkv support should work to a certain degree.

You haven’t released _______ in a while, did you drop the show?
We usually don’t drop shows unless there is a good reason for it.  Information regarding ongoing shows can be found on our ONGOING PROJECTS page.

What is and how do I use the @Find command?
@Find is a xdcc bot command that allows users to find specific files and their pack #.  Everything after the @Find is a keyword.  For example, if you want to find the 720p version of Anime-Koi’s Gj-bu episode 9, you would use @Find Anime-Koi Gj-bu 09 720p.

What is a CRC?
CRC stands for Cyclic Redundancy Check which is a hash used to check the integrity of the file.  Because every file has it’s own unique CRC, a CRC used as a keyword for the @Find command will only yield results for that file (particularly useful in xdcc bot channels such as #news).  The file for the Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road Special would be [Anime-Koi] Neppu Kairiku Bushi Road [h264-720p][BEE09BC2].mkv with the unique CRC “BEE09BC2”.

What does “BNC” stand for after a person’s name in IRC?
“BNC” stands for a Bouncer which saves and logs messages and PM’s to that person while they are offline.  In other words they will NOT respond to you until they come back online.

What are v0 releases?
v0 releases are initial releases whose initial raw source is of sub-par quality.  The actual v1 will follow the v0 releases using a better raw source and will usually use the same if not improved script.  If you’re willing to wait, wait for the v1 release of the episode.


5 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Great FAQ! Just wanted to say that you DO have a simulcast policy if you say that you will sub shows no matter if they are simulcasted or not. Just saying. Keep up the good work!

    SirConan — dedicated to anime, manga and anything Japan related since 2009 (also a grammar nazi by birth)

  2. Hello and nice to meet you. My name is Hikari Marina and i am representing Koyonplete, a company from Japan. I have a proposal to all japanese – english translators from diferent groups. We want to create a group of translators that will translate different manga from Kadokawa and otome games script for japanese companies. For more detailes please contact me on email: [email protected]
    We are looking for serious persons that can respect deadlines and copyrights.

  3. You guys are amazing. Literally, whenever I have seen an ‘anime koi’ release of an anime, I know said show is going to be one of my favorites of the upcoming anime season. Whether or not you guys are retiring, I just wanted to thank you guys for being awesome, as your group is incredible. Thank you for all the fun. 🙂

    Just wondering… If you guys haven’t retired, are you considering subbing the Kamisama Hajimemashite OVAs? I thought it wouldn’t hurt to ask. 😛

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