Buddy Complex – 03

Enjoy Buddy Complex!

An original translation and this show is really Gundam-ish, you will see a whitebase version in this ep.
Guys, we’re looking for translators and editors. Please leave your email when you contact us. Contact email: animekoisubs@gmail.com

If you have problems with playback, update your codec packs to CCCP and please get the latest build of xy-VSFilter.

You can grab our releases from the bots at #Anime-Koi@irc.rizon.net by using trigger: !Buddy03 or (Try @find )

[Anime-Koi] Buddy Complex – 03 [h264-720p][8C759420].mkv

DDL [akihosenomiya]

Translator: Kayo, Emely
Editor: OblivionShadow, eternal
Timer: Yogicat
TLC: Kayo
QC: Solaristics


17 thoughts on “Buddy Complex – 03

  1. You guys got Elvira’s name wrong a couple of times after getting it right the first time and then just a few typos here and there like “noting” instead of “nothing”. Just thought I’d mention it though I still appreciate the release.

    • I found one too, right after the OP @2:55 the captain: “He’s an expertise when it comes…” and I think it should be “expert” looks a bit more logical. So yeah.
      Thanks for the fast release *shouldlearnjapanese*

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