Angelic White Magical Girls [BD][1080p-720p]

[Anime-Koi] Angelic White Magical Girls [BD][1080p-AAC][E3661A74].mkv_snapshot_05.26_[2012.12.10_07.23.10]

Note: Action with boobs.
Shin CodeZero is awesome.

If you have problems with playback, update your codec packs to CCCP and please get the latest build of xy-VSFilter.
You can grab our releases from the bots at #[email protected] by using trigger: !Magical


[Anime-Koi] Angelic White Magical Girls [BD][1080p-AAC][E3661A74].mkv

[Anime-Koi] Angelic White Magical Girls [BD][720p-AAC][4130BAF9].mkv



1080 DDL

720p DDL

23 thoughts on “Angelic White Magical Girls [BD][1080p-720p]

  1. looks like it’s based on the work by raita/zettai shoujo

    might as well make that clear, i had to draw the connection myself since i haven’t actually read the mahou shoujo stuff by raita, but the character designs were a big hint

    • Yeah, it’s a magical girl doujinshi anime. As in, the anime BD is literally packed and sold as part of a doujinshi set at Comiket 82. The title of the anime is 絶対純白魔法少女 (i.e. Absolute Whiteness Magical Girl).

  2. COOL!

    Thanks so much for the episode! (/movie?) … Saw a preview for this and had no idea when it was coming out! THANKS FOR THE TREAT!

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